Scribe with The Tribe

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 • 9 Adar 5777

6:30 PM - 8:30 PMTBDJ




Registration guide:

a.  Fields marked with a red asterisk are required fields

b.  If you already have a TBDJ "ShulCloud Account," log in first to automatically fill in your contact information and link your registration to your account.

In the fields below, please fill in the names (English and Hebrew) of the persons who will be registered to participate in TBDJ's 5777 "Scribe with the Tribe" Megilla Project.  If any are present at the event on March 7, they are invited to participate in the act of scribing with our Guest Sofer.  You may also list dedications for each donation - "in memory of," "in honour of," etc.   

For each name, please specify the donation from the following categories of support:

$1,500 = Esther's Persian Platinum Banquet Plate

$900 = Shushan Majestic Mishloach Manot

$360 = Mordechai's Golden Grager

$180 = The King's Sterling Silver Sceptre

$18 = Bronze Bottled Banquet Brew

Here's a sample entry:  Abraham Cohen (Avraham ben Yehuda v'Gitl) in memory of his late grandmother Malka, $180.

   $1500=Persian Platinum Banquet Plate
   $900=Majestic Mishloach Manot
   $360=Golden Grager
   $180=Sterling Silver Sceptre
   $18=Bronze Bottled Banquet Brew

All donations are 100% tax deductible!

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