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Israel at 70 - Rabbi's Introduction

Dear friends,

In a few weeks the Jewish world will celebrate the momentous occasion of the modern State of Israel’s 70th anniversary. I write these words just several days before the Pesach Seder, which as we are all familiar, is bookmarked by our yearnings for our Homeland. The section of Maggid begins with the phrase: “This year we are here in exile; next year may we merit to be in the Land of Israel.” The Seder concludes with the familiar refrain of “Next year in Jerusalem.” Indeed, for 2000 years, every Seder, every wedding, every Yom Kippur all include references to our return to Jerusalem.

How blessed are we to live in a generation where that dream has become a reality. It is now part of the fabric of the world’s consciousness - whether they like it or not - that there is such a thing called the State of Israel. And how amazing is it that in her brief 70 year history, nearly half of the world’s Jewish population already call Israel home.

The past 70 years have been nothing short of miraculous. One of the core values we share as a shul is the steadfast and unequivocal support of Israel and all she stands for. So it is with great pride that our shul community will be adding our voice to those of Jews around the world in singing and celebrating the return of our People to our national, spiritual and religious Homeland.

It is therefore with great excitement that we present to you this series of Torah, cultural, and educational programs, arranged to help us celebrate this special occasion throughout the coming year. Join us as we mark Israel at 70. 

לשנה הבאה בירושלים הבנויה

Next year in Jerusalem!

Wed, 27 May 2020 4 Sivan 5780