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2020 Mental Health Awareness Weekend - Videos 

Thursday Night Symposium

Note: We apologize for the poor video quality for the first 80 minutes of this recording. Unfortunately, Zoom cloud services experienced major issues and outages during our broadcast window, and the result was significant impact on the quality of videos being streamed during that time. Technology luck wasn't on our side, but in the spirit of the words spoken- we persevered, and came out with a strong audio recording.


Friday Morning Dvar Torah

"An Enigmatic Exchange - Leaning on the Blasphemer"


Friday Morning Discussion with Teens

"Anxiety About an Unknown Future in the Face of Corona"

A special presentation for teens and their parents.


Sunday Morning Lecture

Resumption or Renewal: How Will We Emerge from the Coronavirus Crisis?



Tue, 31 January 2023 9 Shvat 5783