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Purim 2015

A Message from Rabbi Steinmetz


Dear Friend,

It was a night of family, friends and community.

Our recent Purim extravaganza on Wednesday night was a night to be remembered. We had over 700 people attending, including 200 children who came to our youth carnival!!. It was a night where all of us celebrated together the miracle of Jewish survival - and we celebrated as a community. Once again, we had an amazing TBDJ event!!

A big thank you goes to all of our generous sponsors (see full list below), and to Howie Steinberg for organizing all the sponsorships. Another thank you goes to our Youth Directors Jacob Shapiro and Zach Steinlauf for organizing our Youth carnival, along with Amiel Bender and Youth Chair Josh Orzech for their assistance.

We look forward to seeing you at one of our exciting events in the near future!!


Click to see all our Purim photos!

Thank you to all our Purim sponsors:

Murray Abrams
Isaac & Marcelle Alt
Jerrold & Baila Aspler
Allan Bernstein
Abe & Penina Brodt
Brian & Michelle Cale
Gerry & Annie Cartman
Andy & Esther Csillag
Shlomo & Adrianne Drazin
Shlomo & Sari Drazin
Ami & Aviva Drazin
Jonathan & Ariella Eltes
Morris & Esther Feinberg
Howard & Debbie Feldman
David & Sandra Fine
Billy & Keila Finkelstein
Phil & Edie Friedman
Ruby & Adele Friedman
Scott & Tova Garber
Warren & Harriet Greenstone
Zach Grunstein
Leo & Bonnie Grunstein
Alex & Rivka Guttman
Robert & Sharon Hecht
Michael & Dahlia Hollander
David & Ros Huttman
Meir & Elizabeth Israel
Ephriam & Reesa Kandelshein
Morris & Carina Katz
Perry & Roseanne Kliot
Gershon & Laura Korman
Ira & Kathryn Kroo
Sam Kuperman
Eric & Karen Laxer
Ronnie Lehrer
Morrie & Jordana Levy
Harry & Helen Liberman
Lorne & Chaya Lieberman
Abe & Eva Ludvig
Alain & Susan Matarasso
Yair & Alyssa Meyers
Lenny & Mariam Mintz
Naftaly & Ruth Naor
Fred Polansky
Jeff & Rochelle Rein
Lawrence & Marcy Rudski
Steven & Ronda Schachter
David & Shirley Shapiro
Issie & Tali Steckler
Alvin & Lauren Suissa
Sonny & Stephanie Svarc
Sam & Dale Szlamkowicz
Steven Szraiber
Peter & Marla Veres
Sydney Zoltak

Wed, 30 September 2020 12 Tishrei 5781