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Rosh Hashanah 5781/2020

Information & Registration


Shabbat & Sunday, September 19-20

Dear TBDJ Family,

We look forward to connecting with you during the upcoming High Holidays. For some, that will be in person on Baily Road, and for others it will be online and on the phone as we head into Rosh Hashanah. These unprecedented times have led us to an unprecedented setup for the traditional services we all look forward to, and which provide us inspiration that can last a full year. As a community, we will continue to meet the challenge, and work through these changes and restrictions as best we can. 

Under the leadership of Rabbi Freundlich, our President, and our lay leadership, we have invested a large amount of time in finding ways to both understand the needs and wishes of our community, and to meet those within our plans. We trust the below information will be received in good partnership, that you will take advantage of our services according to your personal preferences, and that you will constructively share your feedback with us- both the good and the bad. 

Please go through the below information carefully, and reach out via phone (514-489-3841) or email ( with any questions you may have.

High Holiday Seats: A Different Approach


We recognize that this year’s High Holidays will be vastly different than past years. The seats will certainly be less comfortable. It is possible some seats will be partially exposed to the sun even when under the tent. The trains and trucks that drive by might make it difficult to hear at times. Your preferred minyan might meet at a time you find inconvenient, or your preferred time slot might be full and you’ll be directed to your second choice. And most importantly, we simply cannot guarantee that you will be able to sit next to the same friends and family that you are all accustomed to sharing the Holidays with. What we do have is the desire to spend these significant days with each other, and the patience and understanding that everyone is doing their best in an unusual situation.

With this in mind, we have decided that High Holiday seats will be free of charge this year. 

Given the significant role High Holiday seat revenue plays in our annual operating budget, we invite everyone to participate in a special campaign aimed at ensuring we don't miss a beat this coming year. Please visit for all the details and to participate. We thank you in advance!

Physical Setup


Thanks to a survey that was sent to all members, and to Friends of TBDJ who join us each year for the High Holidays, we were able to gather a lot of critical information regarding where people would like to be, how they'd like to be set up, and what extra safety measures they'd like to see in place. We received responses from over 350 households, and our configuration and options are based on this data in conjunction with recommendations from local government and health authorities.

We will have 3 tents up for both Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. All three tents will have open walls, to allow for maximum air flow, and will have seating set up with 2-meter distancing in between each chair. 

Tent 'A' - Located in our parking lot, this tent has been operational since late June and will now be expanded to accommodate additional seats, up to a maximum of 90 people. This tent will have flooring installed to help keep your feet dry should there be rain.  

Tent 'B' - Will be set up at Applewood Park in Hampstead. This tent will have a proper floor in place on top of the grass. This tent will accommodate a maximum of 100 people

Tent 'C' - Located in our side alley (west side of building), this tent has been operational since early August and is used by our Minyane Sepharade, serving a maximum of 40 people

Main Sanctuary - We will also be using our main sanctuary for services, as per the request of many members. Proper spacing will be maintained between all seats, and both doors and walls will be left open for maximum air flow, Masks will also be mandatory inside the building at all times. Building entrance and exit will be through different doors, with directional signage and guides in place to ensure safe passage in and out, and within the halls and sanctuary.

Restrooms - Restrooms in our building will be available for all participants, with direct paths to them set up and clearly marked. Restrooms will be cleaned frequently, in accordance with guidance from health professionals. 

Rosh Hashanah Minyanim/Services


The information below reflects Rosh Hashanah only. Information regarding Yom Kippur will follow, and will take into account different needs and options, including Kol Nidre and Ne'ilah which cannot easily be staggered, and learnings gained over Rosh Hashanah. A separate Yom Kippur registration process will follow.

Please note the duration of each minyan. Minyanim with a duration of 2:45 will begin at Nishmat, and will then proceed with Shacharit, Torah Reading, Rabbi's Sermon, Shofar, and Mussaf. Minyanim with a duration of 3 hours or longer will begin with Pesukei Dezimra. The services will be accelerated and abridged slightly in order to fit into their time slots, while still maintaining their usual feel and traditional tunes.

Below is our planned schedule for minyanim, with locations and leaders. The configuration is subject to change slightly, if the need arises.

In accordance with recommended guidelines, participation is open to individuals 12 years of age and older.

Important notes regarding seating:

  • Selection of seat location within a minyan will be on a first-come first-served basis, with entry to a location only allowed once the previous minyan has fully cleared out. 
  • Chairs may not be moved around inside the tents, including for families to sit together.
  • You will only be able to enter the minyan you are registered for. No walks-ins will be allowed in.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

Note: the times below are subject to change.

Minyan 1

Time: 7:30am - 10:15am

(Pesukei D'Zimra at 7:00am)

(Total: 2:45)

Location: Tent A
Masks: Required
Capacity: 90

Shacharit: David Zukor
Sermon: Rabbi Freundlich
Shofar: Ronnie Schondorf
Mussaf: Murray Vasilevsky

Minyan 2

Time: 8:00am - 10:45am 

(Total: 2:45)

Location: Applewood Park
Masks: Required
Capacity: 100

Shacharit: Rabbi Freundlich
Sermon: Rabbi Freundlich
Shofar: Judah Aspler
Mussaf: Josh Orzech

Minyan 3 - Indoors

Time: 8:30am - 12:00pm 

(Total: 3:30)

Location: Main Sanctuary
Masks: Required
Capacity: 140

Shacharit: Gershon Sacher
Sermon: Rabbi Freundlich
Shofar: Gershon Sacher
Mussaf: Tovi Berk

Minyan 4

Time: 10:30am - 1:00pm

(Total: 2:45)

Location: Tent A
Masks: Required
Capacity: 90

Shacharit: Rev. Amiel Bender
Sermon: Rabbi Freundlich
Shofar: Judah Aspler
Mussaf: Josh Orzech

Minyan 5

Time: 11:00am - 1:45pm 

(Total: 2:45)

Location: Applewood Park
Masks: Required
Capacity: 100

Shacharit: Avi Guttman / Morrie Levy
Sermon: Rabbi Freundlich
Shofar: Ronnie Schondorf
Mussaf: Rev. Amiel Bender

Details for our Minyane Sepharade will be published shortly.



Shofar will be sounded at all of our minyanim. For those who will not be attending any of our minyanim, we will hold sessions during the day at various nearby locations, where the shofar will be sounded.

If you, or someone you know, needs the shofar to be blown for them at home, please let us know by contacting Rabbi Freundlich or by emailing

Our schedule for Sunday, the 2nd Day of Rosh Hashanah:

Subject to change, please verify prior to Rosh Hashanah

  • 11:00am: in front of Le Ritz I & II - 5900/5950 Cavendish Blvd.
  • 11:30am: in front of Le Bellagio - 5840 Marc Chagall Ave.
  • 3:00pm: in the back courtyard of Le Versailles - 6803 Heywood
  • 3:30pm: in the back courtyard of Tiffany Towers - 6795 Korczak Cr.
  • 4:00pm: at Singerman Park - corner of Robinson & Regal, C.S.L.
  • 4:30pm: at Gayton Park, corner of Gayton and Glenmore, Hampstead
  • 5:00pm: at Applewood Park, Hampstead
  • 6:20pm: in front of TBDJ - Shofar followed by words of inspiration from Rabbi Freundlich. For those who couldn't join us in the morning, and those looking for additional learning and inspiration opportunities.



We will make our Artscroll Machzor books available for those who would like to use them. They can be borrowed in advance of the Holidays, by signing up and picking them up. They will also be made available onsite, with a pick-up table at the entrance to each location and a drop-off table at the exit. Books will be set aside after use, before being re-used.  




Family Registration: One person can register for their entire family. For each family member, you will be asked to enter their name, and to select a preferred minyan ('1st choice') along with a 2nd choice. If the family would like to all remain together in the same minyan, please select the same 1st and 2nd choices for all individuals entered.

Seats will be allocated according to availability, with priority given to TBDJ members. When capacity is reached in a given minyan, additional requests for seats in that minyan will be routed to the seat holder's 2nd choice. We will do our best to satisfy all requests and to keep families together when that is requested (i.e. when their individual seat preferences all match). We thank you for your understanding as we work with the limited capacities that are in place to meet strict safety requirements.


Terms and Conditions

- This registration is for Rosh Hashanah only, and will be repeated for Yom Kippur, where several elements (including for Kol Nidre and Ne'ilah) will change our setup slightly. 

- Seats are not transferable.

- Only confirmed seat holders may enter. No walk-ins will be allowed to enter, including confirmed seat holders from other minyanim.

- All participants* must abide by rules for wearing masks and maintaining 2-meter distancing at all times.

- Chairs may not be moved around inside the tents.

- Seating location within a minyan will be on a first-come first-served basis. Entry to a location will be allowed only once the previous minyan has fully cleared out.

- Pacing or walking around within the tent or sanctuary is not permitted. Participants are expected to remain at their seats.

- Participants may not attend if they are experiencing any symptoms of illness.

- Participants may not attend if they are currently in a period of isolation or quarantine.

- Participants may not attend if they have returned from outside Canada within the last 14 days and are now in a period of isolation or quarantine.

- Food and drink should be limited to cases where it is needed, and may not be shared.

- All participants must follow direction given by designated security & staff who will be onsite to ensure a safe and comfortable environment.

Fri, 25 September 2020 7 Tishrei 5781