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Rosh Chodesh Program for Women

Each month we host a special Rosh Chodesh Program for Women, focused on learning and sharing, together with some fun. Our inaugural event, on Rosh Chodesh Elul in 2016, also served as a welcome to Rifki Freundlich. The event was a success because of the wonderful interest and participation of our members and friends. Follow this link to see photos of the evening.
  • Nisan 5778 / March 21, 2018: Women's Role in Mitzraim and Their Impact on the Seder Night, with Rabbi Yechezkel Freundlich, hosted by Elizabeth Israel
  • Adar 5778 / February 14, 2018: Esther as Part of the #MeToo Contingent???, with Norma Joseph, hosted by Brenda Gewurz
  • Shevat  5778 / January 14, 2018: Blessing is the Source of our Blessings, with Rifki Freundlich, hosted by Adele Friedman
  • Tevet  5778 / December 19, 2017: Fighting Beauty with Beauty: How the Greeks Continue to Impact us Today, with Rabbi Freundlich, hosted by Rita Simhon 
  • Kislev 5778 / November 19, 2017: The Holiday of Sigd and the History of the Ethiopian Community, with Avi Shalom Dawit, hosted by Esther Rozenek
  • Cheshvan 5777 / October 18, 2017: Fly Me to the Moon, with Chana Eliashiv, hosted by Estee Rossdeutscher
  • Iyar 5777 / May 3, 2017: The Middle of the Count – Connecting Sefirah, Yom Ha’atzmaut and Yom Yerushalayim to our Shavuot Preparations, featuring Rabbi Freundlich, hosted by Leah Dahan
  • Adar 5777 / March 8, 2017: Reflections on Purim and the Megillah, with Dr. Pnina Brodt, hosted by Yael Orzech
  • Shevat 5777 / January 29, 2017: Shiur with Rifki Freundlich, hosted by Adele Friedman & Rosie Goldstein
  • Kislev 5777 / December 4, 2016: Torah Role Models For Marriage, with Rifki Freundich and Sarah Fishman, hosted by Adrianne Drazin
  • Cheshvan 5777 / November 1, 2016: Shiur with Rabbi Freundlich, hosted by Judy Pekofsky
  • Tishrei 5776 / August 31, 2016: A special welcome evening for Rifki Freundlich, hosted at TBDJ





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