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Important Updates

Sunday, March 15 - 1:00PM


Sunday, March 15 - 1:00PM

Additional update re: reciting Kaddish and observing Yahrzeit

Motzei Shabbat, March 14 - 10:30PM

Important Update from Rabbi Freundlich

Shavua Tov TBDJ Family,
This was a Shabbos like no other. The streets were quiet and our beloved shul empty. In the hectic nature of erev Shabbos, I had forgotten to bring my tallis home. I went to shul this morning to get it, and while there, I decided to stay and daven in my usual spot. What a sad and lonely experience, to preside over an empty shul. How I missed the noise, the disturbing clanking of the chairs every time someone stands up, the kids running around for lollipops. I pray this will end soon, but I think we all understand we are very likely in this for an extended period of time. 
Our primary concern is maintaining the health and safety of our community. As expected, new measures were adopted by Quebec over Shabbos, severely limiting the movement of those over 70, and I’m sure many of you saw the drastic measures adopted in Israel.
TBDJ will remain closed tomorrow, Sunday, March 15th. We will continue to consult with both Medical and Halachic authorities to determine if there is a way we can open and hold weekday minyanim in a manner that is responsible, safe, and within acceptable guidelines. We will surely update you as we gather that information.
As you know, this situation literally changes every day and we are doing our best to act in accordance with everyone’s safety in mind.
Shavua Tov,
Rabbi Freundlich

Motzei Shabbat, March 14 - 8:30PM

TBDJ is offering an extra set of hands for your shopping, errands, pickups...

Dear TBDJ Family,

To ensure our community needs are tended to during this challenging time, we would like to inform you of the following service now being offered.

Should you be restricted in activity due to either quarantine requirements or ‘social distancing’ intended to keep you safe and healthy at home, we have a team of TBDJ members standing by to assist with your urgent needs. This includes picking up medications or essential groceries, transportation to medical appointments, and other important errands which you prefer not handling on your own.

Your health comes first, and we are glad to help facilitate that. Please do not hesitate to take advantage of this service.

You can reach us with your requests in the following ways:
1.      Email
2.      Call our hotline at 514-316-0939 / Please note: Our normal office hours and availability may be affected over the coming days. This hotline will be answered, and its voicemail checked frequently, throughout the day.

For anyone interested in, and able to, participate in this volunteer group, please email us at

May we very soon pass this challenge and all join together in joy and celebration.

Friday, March 13 - 3:00PM

Important Update from Rabbi Freundlich Regarding Shabbat Operations at TBDJ

Dear TBDJ Family,
These past 48 hours have seen dramatic shifts in policy throughout the world. As we continue to process it and understand what this means for us as a community, we have come to the heavy decision, with great trepidation, to close TBDJ this Shabbos. This is not an easy announcement for me to make, one that I make with tears in my eyes, and I pray that it is with Divine Approval as we take a proactive approach to do everything we can to keep our community safe.

In order to fight the spread of this virus, we must practice what has been labeled “social distancing.” Schools have been closed. Public places have been closed. And we all have to be in this together to make this work. There are many shuls elsewhere in North America who have been forced to take this drastic measure because of high levels of infection in their neighborhoods; there have been countless hours of consultation with medical professionals, leading Rabbis, and government agencies in support of this closure.  We want to do whatever we can to keep the virus out of our community.  

The situation has been very fluid. Earlier in the day, I, together with other Montreal Rabbis, had decided to stay open. As the day progressed, and more and more information became available and additional closings were announced, President Jon Gal and I decided we simply could not burden the risk.

We will reassess after Shabbos what we need to do moving forward. (For example, daily minyanim during the week are smaller crowds and can be much easier managed. We will know more after Shabbos and will keep everyone informed.) But for now, with the information we have and the tremendous degree of instability, we simply are not comfortable taking any risks and creating a large gathering of people over Shabbos. Better to be safe. Please daven at home, both tonight, and tomorrow. The Sages declare that even if one cannot be at shul, it is best to daven at the same time the community davens, so I would like to recommend that everyone begin mincha at 6:40pm tonight, and at the same time as their regularly scheduled shacharit minyan tomorrow, and 6:35pm mincha tomorrow on Shabbat afternoon.

With the goal of creating a Shabbos environment at home, I encourage you to read the Parsha with your family tomorrow, and to be particular to dress in Shabbos clothes throughout the day. I hope to send an email with more information to print out with meaningful readings you can share with your children.

There will be further email updates after Shabbos regarding additional changes and ways to access classes which will be moved online, as well as with ways that we can helpful to those in need.

It is my fervent prayer that our actions will help bring this health crisis to a swift end, and we will be able to return to normal functioning as soon as possible. For now, everyone’s safety is most important.

Please be in touch with me if you are saying Kaddish so we can make alternate accommodations. Rifki and I are both available before or during Shabbos with any questions or comments.

With blessings for our health and safety,
and wishing everyone a Good Shabbos,

Rabbi Freundlich

Fri, 3 April 2020 9 Nisan 5780