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Yom Kippur 5782 / 2021

Wednesday Night, Sept. 15  &  Thursday, Sept. 16

Information & Seating Request Form

Deadline: Sunday 5:00pm

Dear TBDJ Family,

We look forward to having you join us for Yom Kippur. As a community, we will continue to work through all our challenges and restrictions as best we can, and provide a location for safe and inspiring davening. 

We have made some changes to the minyan configuration for Yom Kippur. Please go through the below information carefully, and reach out via phone (514-489-3841) or email ( with any questions you may have.

"Taking Our Seats" Campaign


Just like last year, this year’s High Holidays will be vastly different than past years. Some of the seats may be less comfortable or in a new location. Some may be partially exposed to the sun even when under the tent. The trains and trucks that drive by might make it difficult to hear at times in the tent. And we cannot guarantee that you'll be able to sit right next to the same family and friends you are accustomed to sharing the Holidays with. What we do have is the desire to spend these significant days with each other, along with the understanding that everyone is doing their best in an unusual situation.

With this in mind, we have once again decided that High Holiday seats will be free of charge this year, and hope we can still count on your support.

Given the significant role High Holiday seat revenue plays in our annual operating budget, we invite and encourage everyone to participate in a special campaign aimed at ensuring we don't miss a beat.

Please visit for all the details and to participate once again. Last year's participation level was very admirable and we are thankful for that. This year we are aiming for even greater participation, and we thank you in advance!

Minyan Configuration and Policies


You can choose from indoor and outdoor options for each Yom Kippur Minyan. 

In all minyanim, distancing will be maintained between seats according to government regulations.

Seat location within a minyan will be on a first-come first-served basis.

Mask Policy is based on location:

  • Tent: Mask at all times
  • Main Sanctuary: Mask at all times
  • Social Hall: Mask may be removed while at one's seat

Children - We can only accommodate children over the age of 10.

Vaccination - Anyone not fully vaccinated may join our minyanim but, without exception, must take a Covid test prior to Yom Kippur and produce a negative result (to be shared with TBDJ will organize onsite testing on Wednesday morning - details and cost will be shared directly with those requiring the test.

Yom Kippur Minyanim & Schedule


Please verify minyan times in your final confirmation email.

Kol Nidre & Maariv

Tent 6:45pm
Social Hall 6:45pm
Main Sanctuary 6:45pm
Candle Lighting 6:48pm
Shkia 7:06pm


Shacharit & Mussaf

Tent 7:15 - 10:30am / Begins with Nishmat; Pesukei D'Zimra at 6:45am
Social Hall 8:45am
Main Sanctuary 9:30am
Tent 10:30am / Begins with Nishmat



For those selecting "Tent - Early Mincha at 4:00pm" - there will be Neilah right after Mincha. If you are not registered for that Neilah minyan, you'll be asked to leave the tent so only those attending remain. 

Tent - Early Mincha 4:00pm
Social Hall 5:10pm
Main Sanctuary 5:10pm
Plag Mincha 5:46pm
Shkia 7:04pm



For those selecting "Tent - Early Neilah at 5:30pm" - Neilah will be right after Mincha and will end by 6:40pm. We will broadcast Shofar blowing on Zoom following the conclusion of Yom Kippur.

Tent - Early Neilah 5:30 - 6:40pm / Wait until 7:49 before eating
Tent  6:45pm
Social Hall 6:45pm
Main Sanctuary 6:45pm
Shkia 7:04pm
Yom Kippur Ends 7:49pm



Artscroll Machzor books will be made available for those who would like to use them. Books will be set aside and wiped after use, before being re-used. If you have your own machzor, we encourage you to bring it.  

Minyan Sepharade


Registration for our Minyan Sepharade is not done using the below form. Register by emailing

Seating Request Form


Registration is now closed.

Mon, 23 May 2022 22 Iyar 5782